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For the time when we wished was the slowest
Or the distance we hoped had been the shortest
Reasoning the present that we held in our hands
Every moment of the past which lead to now
Varying emotions that change the course of paths
Enough just for us to open our eyes to catch
Racing heartbeats for the exit which opens.
Fear before the next step we bet our future
Overlapping memories replay constantly haunt
Reversed chances in time due to fast forward
Enveloped in lapse of repetitive calculations
Vanity endorsed environment surrounds our conscience
Enigmatic willpower has its strength questioned
Reserved silence answers our wavering believes.
Fewer than the fingers we count the possibility
Only thoughts we dared dream in our minds secretly
Roving in the finite life that our breath allows us
Eager to carve our mark along the line of history
Vital beauty that only you and I can see in sight
Embraced in the depths where it is the darkest
Returning to the light that is never forever.
:iconakinomurasaki:akinomurasaki 0 0
I: Enter the Breeze
two worlds grown apart,
two persons in fare,
no better a start,
the way that we are.
no clues we un-see,
no charm can undo,
the strings attached be,
what happened to you.
my words a mistake,
my thoughts were confused,
together we take,
the feelings ensued.
we have not much time,
but make do what's found,
put our hearts on line,
no matter the ground.
the season is here,
so enter the breeze,
with reasons so mere,
in time we both freeze.
:iconakinomurasaki:akinomurasaki 0 0
Headdress: HD-T-WHPK by akinomurasaki Headdress: HD-T-WHPK :iconakinomurasaki:akinomurasaki 1 0
Listen To Me
you said you had to leave the world behind
thinking that your problems will all be solved
but you are making things worse and running away
because the people who need you are at lost.
you were their guideline and will always be;
the line is still there because they remember
but it is thinning and they are losing,
can't you tell that it's so fine it may snap?
you thought you knew what they think of you:
always stirring trouble, being useless;
but they are only like you, hiding feelings;
can't you see behind their walled-up hearts?
you see what you want to see, the one option,
when there are many other, easy or difficult;
but you refuse, you force yourself to see one
just like how other thoughtless people did.
i want to tell you that i don't know you,
i only wish to see you carry on everyday
but you can choose, again, to listen to me or not;
just open up your mind to listen to the voice of heart.
4 feb 2005
:iconakinomurasaki:akinomurasaki 1 2
Hearing Voices, Guessing Who..
let me guess who could you be:
a special red chakra there,
the owner of two sutras;
i guess you could be a priest.
from the way you dress:
a shoulder-length blonde,
sometimes with glasses;
i'd say a japanese one.
outrageous attitude,
secret heart and soul,
call friends servants;
undoubtly from anime.
rudely treating kami-sama,
while simply being god,
reincarnated together;
it must be saiyuki.
i know you're a priest,
i guess you're japanese,
from anime saiyuki;
you must be - genjo sanzo!
17 jan 2005
:iconakinomurasaki:akinomurasaki 0 2
i remember you like
how you don't know me
but i'll never have the chance
and you'll never get to know.
today when the sun is shallow
the crows are in their nests
the purple sky is up
for you, for the last time.
i never knew if it was true
when you had your best last
nobody ever told me
if there were any drip drops.
yes i see some rain here
but were there any red flowers
i wish to pick few and
place it nearby you, if i knew.
if all the things i heard
were true about you
i wouldn't have looked away
for yesterdays are hard to look at.
22 jan 2005
:iconakinomurasaki:akinomurasaki 0 2
Double Dream by akinomurasaki Double Dream :iconakinomurasaki:akinomurasaki 0 3
Journey To My Future
short drizzle, long drizzle
fall from the crowded sky;
sometimes sunny, sometimes funny
like it or not i am drenched;
some feathers fall, some places still
what will come will be gone;
wings flap, arms flail
little meaning come to mind;
sweet pain, bitter heart
learn to pick up rocks and thorns.
missing memory, missing puzzle
surely found when least needed;
nature's fury, human's glory
comes creation and destruction;
hopeless wishes, strength and will
keeps this heart committed to beat;
tired tries, attempts that fail
the setting sun will arise;
horse carriage, wooden cart
take me to my future.
:iconakinomurasaki:akinomurasaki 1 4
I Have And Had
i long for the laughs i had
i used to have that shine in my eyes
i remember of my fond memories
but none will return to me.
i hope to rid my plastered smile
i wish to erase this fake mask
i want to return this nothing
but none will part from me.
i'll cry out my heart for love
i'd die for another life
i'm giving up my pretended times for solitude
but no one will give or receive.
no laughs, no shine, no memories
none of them will return;
many a smile, a mask, and nothing
none of them will part;
live for love, for life, for solitude
none of them i have;
i have found and lost them all
now i just want what i have.
:iconakinomurasaki:akinomurasaki 1 3
Feelings For Tomorrow
the stage of excitement has exceeded
the mild happiness is overpowering
i will contain this feeling forever
but from today, forever ends;
my heart beats faster than a humming bird's
my blood rushes like a bullet shot
how can i possibly ask for more
when i'm living at life's peak?
should i go on or do i not
when i know every today is not here
what i smell is of tomorrow
what was yesterday is again,
all this and more but i close my eyes
hide the truth and cover lies.
slowly the past is the present
soon i live my life in reverse
though i believe what is not
at least i believe rather than nothing
so you and i, close our eyes
and feel tomorrow just a while.
:iconakinomurasaki:akinomurasaki 1 2
Nail Art: Split Metal by akinomurasaki Nail Art: Split Metal :iconakinomurasaki:akinomurasaki 0 2 Wrist Cuffs: WC-C-BKRD by akinomurasaki Wrist Cuffs: WC-C-BKRD :iconakinomurasaki:akinomurasaki 10 2 Headdress: HD-R-BKWH by akinomurasaki Headdress: HD-R-BKWH :iconakinomurasaki:akinomurasaki 1 0 Headdress: HD-C-BKPK by akinomurasaki Headdress: HD-C-BKPK :iconakinomurasaki:akinomurasaki 2 3 Headdress: HD-C-BKWH by akinomurasaki Headdress: HD-C-BKWH :iconakinomurasaki:akinomurasaki 1 0 Masjid Jamek Evening by akinomurasaki Masjid Jamek Evening :iconakinomurasaki:akinomurasaki 0 5


  • Listening to: Super Driver (Haruhiism UK Voidcore Remix)
  • Reading: organiser/daily planner
  • Eating: laaaaate brunch
  • Drinking: soy milk
Year One.

as some of you are aware, i have been blogging on since 2007. in the fourth quarter of 2008, i added Nuffnags advertisements as a side income - with one intention: to pay for my domain.

as of june 2009, i turned 20 years old (yay for birthdays~) and my advertisements have generated the minimal RM50 to withdraw/request a cheque. at the end of july, Nuffnang processed and issued my cheque, and i banked it in in august - and soon after, paid for my first domain at by mid-august.

you are, of course, welcomed to follow my blog at my new domain as i will continue to blog forever~ XD


Monica Wolf
Current Residence: Malaysia
Favourite style of art: Abstract (well, most of the time)
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Creative
Wallpaper of choice: Photographs I shot


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